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Del Monte Pamasko Pack

Del Monte Pamasko Pack OBJECTIVE: Communicate that Del Monte’s bundle pack (Spaghetti Sauce and Pasta Italiana) is a staple during Christmas. KEY MESSAGE: Kumpletuhin ang Paskong Pinoy with Del Monte Pamasko Pack. Filipino & Italian Style Sweet & Creamy Style

McDonald’s Drive-Thru

McDonald’s Drive-Thru OBJECTIVE: Increase awareness about McDonald's Drive-Thru being inclusive and welcoming for all kinds of vehicles. KEY MESSAGE: At McDonald's Drive-Thru, all wheels are welcome. Animated GIF

Batok-Body Art Festival 2021

BATOK Body Art Exhibition 2021 Event Logo Design Event Branding Design Event Merchandising This is an imaginary creative festival, Showcase my own style of graphics and identity design! Feel free to contact us for your event design. Design by: